Joslyn Fox, also known as Patrick Joslyn, is 30 years old and has been performing in drag for 12 years.  Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Joslyn invaded televisions around the world with her infectious giggle and bubbly personality on Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race.  A ditzy but adorable small-town queen, Joslyn never met an accessory she didn't like.  But you'd be a fool to underestimate this foxy Fox in the hen house.  The self-professed "black horse" of the competition, she was in it to win it.  Coming in 6th place on Drag Race, she certainly left her mark on the competition, her competitors, and most importantly, the viewers.  Joslyn quickly became a fan favorite with her quirky antics and sometimes unintentional humor.  This queen is happiest when with her fans, whether it be onstage performing for them, or offstage at a meet and greet posing for pictures and signing autographs.  After marrying her longtime fiancé on the Drag Race reunion special, she is currently touring the world performing for the masses and keeping it foxy...  WONK WONK